• A Shift's Management Tool

Shift Manager is a tool aimed to control the smooth flow of shifts for a company (auxiliul pvt ltd).


Everything connected

Everything about shift i-e shift's timing, shift's status, shift's approval, shift's list are connected with each other and clearly shown on dashboard

Generate shift's reports

Export your precious data into beautiful PDF or EXCEL reports.

Easy to Use

every functionality about shift is user's friendly and mentioned through charts and graphs

SIA checks

Staffs can retrieve SIA report on dashboard

Weather Display

viewers can see Weather of the current time

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Listed user's friendly

Shifts along with respective sites, start time, end time, status and staffs are listed in tables.

Visual tool

Its easy to see whats need to be done, and who is working on it

Full Overview

On smartphones, tablets and web the managers will have full controll

TODO list

Admin, Controller or Company can assign task in TODO list

Active sites and staffs

viewer can see number of staffs and sites that are active


Shift's origin

Calender is used to create shifts.

Shift's assignment

You can assign and unassign shifts in calender.

Shift cancellation and edition

An ongoing Shift can cancelled or edited here.

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Shift's status

you can see Shift's status i-e pending, started, finished, approved and cancelled from here.

Shift's timing.

Shift's start time, end time and total hoursof shift can be seen in calender.

Site info

calender also shows Site against shift and to whom (staff) it is assigned.


Permit company controllers

Permission section control all the permissions (authorities) in this application i-e which company controller can do what?.

Controlling CRUD Actions

Permissions manage CRUD actions(create, read, update, delete) of site, staff, clients and contractors.

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Login credentials for staff

permissions can manage login credentials password and email for staff.

Visual tool

It manages company controllers to have or to not have permissions to view payrate, profit, site reports, client reports, staff reports, contractor report, checkpoint report, schedual vs timesheet, report, action history , shift list etc



You can retrieve data and informations about shift, client, staff, contractor in Reports.

Client reports

In client reports you can have report list of all shifts against that client.

Staff reports

you can see report of all shifts against a staff.

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Site reports

In site reports you can see report list of all shifts against that site.

Contractor reports

you can see report of all shifts against a contractor.


SIA Checks

In SIA checks when we enter SIA number we will get all data about an SIA member (who's SIA number is entered)

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SIA reports

SIA report shows list of all SIA members with thier data .

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